Signs Depicting that You Can be an Entrepreneur

Almost all the self made multimillionaires in this world were odd one out. Most of them were highly rejected by the society and were termed as a liability. But who knew that those liabilities will turn into the most valuable asset of the society. Following are the signs which will determine if you possess entrepreneurial spirit:

  1. Challenges the status quo: You hate the status quo and are not able to digest a process which is prevailing in the system without any justification or explanation.
  2. Get bored easily: Most of the people start considering you as a problem when you start getting bored very often. But this is not a problem because the task given to you is not challenging enough, resulting for you to get bored.
  3. Employers fire you: Your creativity is beyond the employer’s ability to understand it. You always design something which is inspired by others.
  4. Labeled as rebel: You are considered as the one who always question the system, processes, rules and policies. You are always willing to move out of your comfort zone to make changes.
  5. Resists authority: No matter what age you belong to, you have always resisted the authority whether it is your parents, teachers or boss.
  6. Always looking forward to improving things: You are always willing to go that extra mile to make things better. You are always looking for the opportunity to improve things.
  7. Never fits the culture: Most of the times you feel really uncomfortable with the regular norms. This acts as motivation inside you as it helps your inner entrepreneur to come out.
  8. Extremely obsessive: You cannot let go of anything easily. Most of the people consider this as your weakness, but successful entrepreneurs are only those who are consistent and extremely passionate about their dream.
  9. Unable to sleep at night: Most of the times you cannot sleep at night because random thoughts cannot shut off. Raw data and images are coming into your mind all night.

Entrepreneurs are not normal human being. They always think beyond the capability of a normal human being. This is the reason why they are not accepted by the masses.

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5 Common Principles Shared by Successful Individuals

This article will present the five basic principles that most successful people have in common:

1. Get Up Early

Getting up in the early hours of the day is best for our bodies. Our bodies have been made to work at day time and rest during the night time. The individuals who productively use day hours are more successful. These effective individuals get up right on time and work out, exercise, consider the engagements of the accompanying day, think, read, and do research. They viably utilize the early hours before they hit the workplace.

2. Practice Good Eating Habits

They eat proper breakfast to kick start their day with full vitality and energy. This guarantees they remain lively and healthy to face the rough day ahead. Having nutritious breakfast is essential as throughout the day, these individuals are super occupied and typically need to eat on the go, which at times is not to so healthy. Morning time, before going to work, is ideal for having breakfast.

3. Prioritize & Organize

Successful individuals prioritize and organize their projects according to the urgency and difficulty. Since the brain is fresh and less occupied in the morning, they generally plan troublesome projects in the morning. This empowers them to free themselves of anxiety and go ahead with other less demanding or less tumultuous tasks. This way they feel stress free towards the end of the day and make themselves useful in other family and friends commitments.

4. Plan

Most successful individuals make a whole schedule each morning when they get up. This permits them to plan out what needs to be carried out. Since morning is an exceptionally relaxing time, without interferences, from telephone calls, messages and updates popping up, you get enough time to make a list of things that you have to accomplish on that specific day.

5. Discipline

The most prominent characteristic of effective individuals is that they are extremely strict with themselves. They don’t procrastinate like majority of us. They are fixated and determined to do what they have chosen. They adhere to their choices and are disciplined with their exercises. They follow their timetable stringently and keep away from other distractions.

These are the most common traits that are shared by most of the successful individuals that will also ensure personal development of an individual.

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Online Help in Starting a Business

Starting a business can be a daunting task as there are a lot of activities involved in establishing a company. If you have a lot of money to invest in your business then you can hire consultants who can directly help you in establishing the business of your choice. You spend the money and they will sweat it out for you. In case you are on a shoestring budget then things get tougher as you have to manage everything under a small budget. The business idea also holds a lot of importance as it can really make or break your get-rich dream. Thus, it is imperative that you have an idea that is both economically feasible as well as pragmatic. This doesn’t mean that if your business idea seems unrealistic, you need to drop it; instead you need to do a little more research and find out if it at all can be pursued.

Thinking out of the box is fine but when you have a small investment capacity, it is prudent to opt for an idea that can at least help you to start. Later when you have the right amount of investment or you manage to find a financer then you can start to build on the idea. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of things involved in starting a business and if you cannot afford a business consultant then you need to do all the legwork on your own. Online resources can prove to be of great assistance if you need to learn about the activities involved in starting a business.

To start with, you can join various online forums that provide information to the beginners or entrepreneurs. Here you can not only learn about the procedures involved in starting a business but you will also get to know about various avenues of business development. It is important to learn about business development and only the online forums can provide complete information about the same.

You can also read the online articles pertaining to starting a business as they contain a variety of information that include legal documentation, creation of business plan, arranging the finances etc. There is also a recent trend of hiring online mentors or business guides who can help you to learn through the steps of establishing your company. This might call for some initial investment but you can expect to get constant help from an expert who has ample experience of dealing with entrepreneurs; hence, quality help can be expected.

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How To Keep Your Motivation Level High!

It is motivation and only motivation that helps us balance all aspects of our life. Motivation is what inspired us to keep doing certain things and push our own limits for the achievement of something. It helps us come out of our comfort zone. If we lack this one thing in our life we are likely to throw away our crucial time and neglect everything important in our life both professional and personal.

Even the people who are supposed to be most determined of all sometimes lose this crucial thing in life. Just like we need to bath everyday to keep our hygiene level optimum, the same way we need to give ourselves a daily dose of motivation to remind ourselves of what it is that we want from life. It takes a highly determined mind to keep up with it the way Niraj Goel did.

The best practice to keep your motivation level at par is to constantly keep reminding yourself of the goals. Generally we tend to divide our goals into as per short and long term. At no point allow yourself to lose sight of the goals or else you will continue to feel less and less motivated. Keep on checking how close you have gotten to the goal.

It is great to learn from greatest personalities like Niraj Goel and read their stories of how they achieved success. Take lessons from them and implement them in our lives.

Niraj Goel is a self made billionaire and Indian business magnate with highly established business in Singapore and several other countries. He was born in 1969 in Punjab, India. Goel owes his success to determination and will to achieve success.

Considering he oversees the work of his group that is functional across so many countries including the United States, Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia, Goel happens to have an extremely hectic schedule which is apparent from the fact that he sleeps only for an hour and works almost 100 hours a week.

He is a firm believer in the powers of medication as well as Nirvana. He practices meditation to keep his energy levels high. Over the last 28 Year Niraj Goel has done some major and intensive research across various technological and financial fields some of which include

  • Timing technology beyond technical analysis
  • probably generator
  • and, Dukandari approach to algos

His major contribution comes from the field of artificial intelligence for which he devoted his time and efforts for development and designing of algorithms used for developing mobile applications, algo trading systems as well as risk management systems for financial items. Niraj Goel and his company have designed several products in terms of mobile apps.

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Excuses To Missed Opportunities

Everyone has the opportunity to be a successful entrepreneur. Owning your own business, setting your own levels of success, and enjoying the rewards that come with financial freedom should be as common as unemployment. But we all know this is not the case. So many individuals would rather make excuses than take the opportunity to make a positive difference in their lives. This can be looked at as the Doers versus the Dreamers. The Doers, which are a very small percentage of the population take action and make no excuses. Something goes wrong, no big deal; they try another approach and learn from their failures. Now the Dreamers have good intentions and talk a good talk, but when it comes down to taking action, here comes the excuses.

One of the most popular excuses I hear is, “I don’t have enough time.” I refer to this as the adult version of “My dog ate my homework”, excuse. If something is important to you, then time is not an issue. Take time and actually look at your day. You may have a 40 hour work week that is needed to pay the bills and that’s OK. But if you keep doing what you’re doing, are things going to be any different next week? How about starting out and dedicating 8 – 12 hours a week to making a difference? Oh, I forgot, you don’t have enough time. You definitely don’t want to miss your evening line up of shows, weekends are for late night parties and sleeping till noon and don’t even think about taking time away from FB, Twitter or your gaming time. See where I’m going with this? “I don’t have time” is merely an excuse that tells me you do not have the ambition at this time in your life to make a difference. This is fine, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you want to have more in life than you currently have. These are the Dreamers.

Dreamers also like to use the excuse of “I don’t have the money to get started.” OK, so you don’t have a million plus dollars to start a McDonald’s franchise. There are, however, other opportunities in the MLM markets where startup costs are very minimal and even have start up bonuses in place where the initial investments can be made back in less than 6 months. But “I don’t have the money.” Don’t worry about it. It is more important to fast food it on a daily basis, go to the movies, spend over $100 on a new pair of shoes and you definitely don’t want to put off this year’s vacation. It is all about not having the ambition at this time in your life to make a difference. This does not make you a bad person. Just be honest with yourself and be happy with what you have because without making any changes, life stays the same.

For the Doers of the world, I congratulate you. It was not an easy decision and the struggles to get where you want to be are real. Stay strong, keep going and don’t let anyone pull you down. Your ambition, motivation and persistence is a rare quality that I encourage you to share this with others. The choice is yours. Are you a Doer or a Dreamer?

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Can I be a Stay at Home Mom? Jobs For Stay at Home Moms

With the many changes that have taken place in the workplace over the last decade it is becoming more and more acceptable when a mom says she works from home. Many companies do provide opportunities to help moms work from home.

What does success mean to you as a mom? Is it accomplishing an aim or purpose; or does it mean gaining popularity or profit? While it is true that more and more moms are working from home it may be to your advantage to look at the options available to you. One being a linear income and the other is residual income from your own business.

Linear Income

The Linear income achieved by working at home for a company and making money for hours spent doing productive work. This may come to you as weekly earnings after completing part-time or full-time hours. Truly, this can be a blessing for the mom who wants to work from home. Many cost cuts seen by not leaving the house make it ideal for moms to work from home. Thus, linear income provides you with income as long as you are doing work that allows you payment.

Running your own business

Have you considered operating your own business? True, today it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to start so this cancels out this option for many.

For over 100 years, there have been options open to people to be their own business with next to nothing to invest to get going. This is network marketing. It has gained popularity over the years as corporate jobs have continued to disappear. I became very interested in this concept when I learned that 84% of all women in America who was making $100,000 per year were doing it through network marketing, running their own businesses. This is impressive and worth your consideration.

Where to start

Today there are millions of network marketers chasing this very goal. It is very important to understand key factors that will help you to achieve your desired prosperity.

This business creates residual income

Once you get going in this business and you do the work once you will start to earn residual income. This means if you have a customer that continues to order your product you will earn each time. In addition, if you have people join your business you will start to earn on their efforts. This is where the advantage begins when you compare linear income and residual income. 84% of women in America earning $100,000 are doing so with repeat sales, fewer hours and continuous residual earnings.

Being successful in this business requires an understanding of people

Building a successful business today requires an understanding of people. In order to do so it is important that you talk to people. The decisive factor comes by listening though, which many people in network marketing do not understand. You are not there to sell; you are there to ascertain what they may need. Are they also a mom who wants to work from home; a retiree needing extra money; a family with too much month and not enough money; an unemployed dad; a graduate that cannot find a job that pays more than minimum wage. I think you understand what I am getting at.

The first key to network marketing success

When you represent a product, make sure there is genuine interest and desire for what you have to offer. This is having business savvy as all companies engage in this kind of research.

Having a service or product that is in demand will ensure success. This is where stay at home moms fails during their initial selection of a network marketing business. You may love the product yourself but what counts is what your potential customers and what your opportunity seekers perceive it to be. Perception is extremely powerful.

The second key is having enough prospects to talk to

Without talking to people about the product or the opportunity, you will be destined for failure. You need to have enough people to talk to daily. At first, this can be difficult but it is the lifeline of your business. Moms who work from home will have the internet at their disposal so that information can go out to prospects. Today social media is huge and can propel your business forward.

Also, remember that network marketing is a new skill set. It will take practice. Talk to anyone who is successful and he or she will tell you of their own learning curve. We all start somewhere. I have learned about myself from this process and have improved my skills over time, as I understand now that this is a sorting process, nothing more. I have learned not to take it personally.

Identify who is not your prospect

In this business, many approach anyone within a 3-foot diameter. Today through social networking allows us to take that even further. When we are conversing with people our voice, our body language plays an important part in our communication. Master these things and you will become successful in your network marketing endeavor. Our posture helps us to express who we are. Have the posture that displays success, enthusiasm, friendliness and be authentic. You are who you are!

What part of the sales process are you in

This area of your business is what will have an impact on your success. Keep track of all your prospects and customers and keep track of what part of the sales stage they are.

I make myself a chart and list the different stages. I put my prospects name on a sticky note and start to move them through my chart. As I have completed certain steps with each person, I move them forward to the next step. At any given time, I can look at my board and know who is where and what I need to do next.

Your success or failure as a mom who wants to stay home will rest on your willingness to implement and execute these proven network-marketing processes.

We have touched on one avenue open to you as a stay at home mom. If you are wanting to create residual income in your life this may be for you. I am looking to sponsor moms who would like to try this endeavor. Having support, learning new skills will help you achieve your desire of being a stay at home mom.

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Want to be an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship involves giving life to an idea without the help of anyone else and developing it into and maintaining it as a successful business.

In recent times of ups and downs in the business market and most importantly, the depression of 2008, has prompted the great requirement of competent, skilled and smart entrepreneurs that are flexible and malleable when it comes to building new policies and ideas for the growth of a business venture that continues even through the toughest of times.

Another important aspect of entrepreneurship is that it is one of the most reliable and also the most used determiner of the near future of the country. By analyzing the entrepreneur industry one can determine the availability and creation of jobs, turnover, opportunities to succeed and more in the future.

Entrepreneurships are classified in multiple ways and thus, into several categories. Some of them entail:

  • First classification
  1. Opportunity-based entrepreneurship
  2. Necessity-based entrepreneurship
  • Second classification
  1. Technological
  2. Geographical
  3. Sociological
  • Third classification
  1. Business – Business entrepreneurship revolves around raising revenues and the inflow of money.
  2. Social – Social entrepreneurship incorporates the making of strategies that aid in improving the society and focuses on its betterment.

Apart from the requisite qualifications for entrepreneurship, an individual is required to have a passion for working hard with determination and positivity. They must be dedicated to their craft. Being bold and brave enough to take risks would be added bonuses that can help them progress even on the rockiest of terrains. It would be helpful if they come from a business background. Furthermore, shrewdness in business as well as the business market can give them an edge in the field.

The best part about entrepreneurship is that there is no age for this profession. One can acquire as much knowledge as they wish to and jump into this field. However, the minimum requirement to join even a certificate course for entrepreneurship is the passing certificate of level 10+2 or grade twelfth. At the same time, the aspirant’s knowledge, experience and the requirements of the course they are opting for are also considered in case of which the 10+2 rule may be revoked. Today, an array of institutions including the top B Schools in Rajasthan offer a wide range of options for budding entrepreneurs and aspirants. These courses include several short term courses stretching from 6 months to a year or more. Getting a degree from a reputed B.Com college in India is very important to establish a strong and valuable foundation for a future entrepreneur. A good course can help inculcate in them the qualities necessary to not only launch a new start-up but also to manage it well enough to transform it into a leading entrepreneurial venture.

The best thing about entrepreneurship is that an entrepreneur does not have to wait for any good opportunities or opportune time to initiate their company or to build an already existing one. An entrepreneur carves his or her own future. All they need to do is gather funds which, on the other hand, are quite the task. Nevertheless, the good news is that in India, the government is more than ready to fund new start-ups and fresh entrepreneurs. There are several schemes from the f=government that provide support in the form of funding, tax incentives and building infrastructure to facilitate new ventures. Moreover, there are many private as well as public institutions that provide education along with scholarships and funds to aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to start a new business.

Another great development in the field of entrepreneurship is the advent of a number of women entrepreneurs and businesswomen. Not only have a great number of Women’s MBA Colleges cropped in India, but these B-schools have seen a considerable surge in the number of female students taking admission in them. Female entrepreneurs are immensely encouraged by such colleges, social organizations, NGOs as well as the Government of India. This is a great step ahead for the Indian socio-economy as not only will this uplift the female population in the country, but poor families too. Such families usually have a female bread earner and entrepreneurship is probably the best way to benefit these families financially.

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3 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

There is a persistent debate over the topic of whether entrepreneurs are born or made. If we look around and observe the lives of the successful entrepreneurs of the world, we would find that very few of them had lead anything different from an average normal life.

Now, the question still lingers, what is that which makes some of us become successful? There are many scholars who believe that one must have luck to get the right motivation in life and discover the entrepreneur in themselves. This view cannot be completely ignored.

Alternately there are those who take the counterpoint advocate the need for conscious effort to enhance one’s entrepreneurial spirit. They talk of three main steps a person should follow to achieve entrepreneurial success.

1. Find out your capabilities

First of all, you need to discover the things you can do. This depends upon your personal aptitude and the skills you have developed over all your years of learning. Understanding what you can do will also tell you about the things you cannot do. In classical words, the first step to becoming a successful entrepreneur is to understand your strengths and weaknesses. But once you identify them, stay persistent in your goal! As Jack Ma, founder of Ali Baba says, “If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure.”

2. Find the right gap in the market

Once you have understood your capabilities, and also, limitations, the next step would be to look out at the market you would operate to bring a substantial change. You must find out what people would like you to do. If you fail to find the right gap, all your efforts, would prove to be futile. Let us take the example of real estate entrepreneur, Mr. Varun Manian. He was able to build his empire in the city of Chennai, because he could understand the visible gap in the market. Not only did he offer reliability, a scarce trait in the property developers of today. Mr. Varun Manian has also consolidated his empire by providing ancillary services to home owners that includes real estate management, housekeeping services and NRI services among others.

3. Find the right channels

Once the right gap has been discovered, the success of an entrepreneur lies in the channels he or she chooses. In fact, the mistake of choosing a wrong channel would lead one down a blind alley.

This means that once you have established a gap in the market you need to identify the right way to fill that gap. Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Air BnB chose to establish his business online. This automatically made it an effective business proposition. Providing a portal online for both renters and landlords illustrates how he chose the right medium and the channel for his idea.

Follow these three steps with dedication, and no force can stop you from tasting the joy of success of entrepreneurial creation.

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Being Your Own Boss, 3 Tips For Opening a Franchise

Investing in a franchise is a big decision. As you take the leap from working in a corporate setting to working for yourself, there are a number of things to consider that can help you succeed.

First, finding the right franchise opportunity is key to enjoying your career as a business owner. Second, owning multiple units is one way to be profitable, but there are ways to make it easier. And third, using the resources provided by your franchisor can make all the difference in how you operate your business.

Keep reading for more details about our three tips for opening a franchise.

#1 Finding the Right Fit

For franchisees who have never owned a business before, the research can be daunting. There is a lot to know about starting a business, selecting the right brand, and investing in something new. Here are pieces of advice to potential franchise owners:

  1. Do not select a franchise based on product alone. You may think owning a franchise would be fun, but if the franchisor’s ideology does not mesh with your own, you will have trouble somewhere down the line.
  2. Consider your future growth. Some concepts make owning multiple franchise units easy while others don’t. If owning multiple units is something you are interested in, make sure to choose a brand that provides for that.
  3. Ensure that the franchisor provides ample training, support and resources. One of the major reasons why opening a franchise is more desirable to many people than starting their own business is that many franchise concepts offer extensive training and ongoing support.

#2 Owning Multiple Units

Some franchisors allow their owners to sign an Area Developer Agreement, or ADA. An ADA ensures that the owner has their territory locked down so no other franchisees from that brand can move in. This can make a huge difference to a franchisee who wants to own multiple units.

You may have heard horror stories about a franchisor that lets anybody open a franchise anywhere, regardless of proximity to other franchisees. Two owners of the same franchise in a single area can be harmful to one or both businesses because the competition in that area is too high. In cases such as these, an unscrupulous franchisor will not care, as they will receive their royalties no matter what.

An ADA is a great way to keep something like that from happening. In any case, a good franchisor will take precautions to keep franchises from clustering together like that. Make sure to choose a franchisor who looks out for your needs as well as their own.

#3 Using the Resources

It is expected that a franchisor will train new franchise owners on the product, procedures, operations, and more from the beginning, but most franchisors also have a wealth of other resources at your disposal.

For example, a pretzel franchise will have preferred vendors from whom franchisees can get their dough, salt, and other materials. That same pretzel franchise may also have specific product offerings that franchisees can choose to sell to their customers, each with its own marketing materials.

That is just one example of how a franchisor can provide additional resources to franchisees. When you are investigating a franchise opportunity, find information about the resources that are available, and make sure to use the ones that benefit your business.

As you prepare to open a franchise, consider these three tips before you choose the business that you want to invest in. Knowing how the opportunity fits with you, understanding the perks for multi-unit ownership, and discerning the resources that you will be able to utilize all help you decide where to invest your time and money.

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